January 7, 2021

Crystal Healing is an ancient therapy, also considered as Alternative science is a very effective way to cure and balance our body. People in these days with the increased stress life, look for various ways in which they can stay calm and composed. This is where people look for various alternative sciences such as reiki, crystal therapy, hypnosis, etc. to find peace within. Many of you will not have a belief in this way of healing yourself, however, science these days have also admitted the existence of negative and positive energies. After all, we humans are energies, our mind, body and soul are the creation of this world.

Though it is an ancient technique which people used back then, it has gained much popularity from the past decade. The increasing sorrows, diseases, illness, etc. have made people bend towards these therapies. Where medical science finishes the work of healers starts.

Why Crystal Healing?

As stated earlier, this is a type of alternative therapy and is considered as alternative science, with the use of crystals to balance human life. It helps to maintain and balance the human energy due to which we face emotional and even physical problems. We all have studied about the magnetic energies in science. We humans also have a magnetic field of attracting and rejecting things. Crystal healing helps maintain the frequency of the magnetic field around us. It helps brings harmony and helps stabilize the energy of the human body.

What are the benefits of crystal healing?

There are various benefits of healing crystals which includes mental and physical well-being such as emotional breakdown, pain relief, immunity, focus and positivity. Nature has granted us with various crystals which help balance our body. Each crystal has its own functionality and not every crystal suit all. It is said that the crystal which attracts you the most is the one made for you. The crystals only attract you when you are deficit of something.

Different crystals have their own energies with different color, shape and size with various healing properties.

How do they work?

Crystal healing are known to have healing properties within it. It has been practiced since ancient times about 6000 years ago. People not only in India, but Egypt and other countries also believed in the healing power of crystals. In the process of crystal healing stones are assigned to various properties. Different healers have different ways to perform healing with stones. To share an example green aventurine helps heart, topaz helps in clearing minds, amethyst for meditative purpose and so on. In the traditional way of healing, the crystals were placed on to the body chakras to cure any disease or healing. These crystals can also be worn as an ornament or jewellery which can have direct contact with your body.

We will be discussing the various types of crystals and more about crystal healing in our next article.

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