The Typical Jade roller is an ancient Japanese tool used for skin tightening. These days females believe in getting artificial processes done such as Botox, face lifting, etc. This is the ancient Botox tool designed for skin tightening. By using this tool it increases the blood flow and helps absorbing applies creams and oils. It boosts collagen of skin. These rollers are designed to create a soothing and cooling effect on face by reducing facial tensions. The tools are designed in a flexible way which can be used over face, body, neck, back and legs to erase ageing. 

benefits of Massage Rollers
Chakra Balancing Factor​

The rollers are created with wide variety of healing stones which provides firmness according to skin types. The Healing crystals provide ultimate beauty with reducing any kind of chakra deficiency in the body.

what does massage roller do

Benefits of Massage Roller
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Removes toxins from body
  • Healing chakras
  • Reduces puffy eyes
  • Balances chakras
  • Reduces facial stress
benefits of massage rollers

STEP 1 –  Clean your skin before use

STEP 2 –  Apply any facial oil or moisturizer before using the roller

STEP 3 – Start from base of the neck and move in upward direction

STEP 4 – Do not apply too much pressure, minimal pressure for tightening is provided

STEP 5 – Slowly move in upward direction’

STEP 6 – Apply the same process in all directions of face.